Gaspereau River in the Annapolis Valley is a wicked place to spend a summer’s afternoon.

The Gaspereau River winds through a hidden, yet very scenic valley featuring vineyards and farmlands.   The river provides an excellent opportunity for summertime tubing.  The 30 minute, 2.5km ride takes you through both tranquil and turbulent waters.

GASPEREAU – Tubing on the Gaspereau River is a quintessential Valley activity, and something everyone should do at least once. A lazy tube ride down the Gaspereau River is a popular way to spend a warm sunny afternoon. Locals can be spotted cruising down the river on the hottest Valley days.

At the end of the river, you can also jump from the bridge and go swimming at the dam. While you’re floating away down the river, you can enjoy the nature surrounding you and the occasional cow sighting!