Lift Expo Toronto 2019 Key Takeaways

Canada is in a unique position to be the global leader both in research and sales – but gov’t restrictions are closing the gap between the inevitable legalization in the US and the advantage of time Canadians had to corner the market. Some say a lack of policy innovation, a messy patchwork of provincial regulations and severe restrictions on marketing and branding mean Canada ‘Blew’ Its Chance to Be the World’s Pot Leader.

Cannabis 2.0 – The next round of legalization

In short – it’s supposed to happen in October, but most predict it will be early 2020. If it does happen by October, count on a very limited supply.

Medical Cannabis:

Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids. We only talk about THC and CBD. Research can now begin on all cannabinoids as they isolate each for study. Most of the cannabinoids do not have mind altering effects.

Humans and many animals were born with an endocannabinoid system that run through the entire body. It’s necessary to create balance and our body is constantly producing cannabinoids.  If the endocannabinoid system isn’t functioning properly we can address this by adding cannabinoids found in cannabis. Please… do yourself a favor and watch this short video.

Some people benefit from THC, some from CBD, some a mixture of both for medical purposes. And it remains to be seen the benefits of the more than 100 cannabinoids we do not talk about. In May the gov’t announced $25M for cannabis research and Licensed Producers are investing far more across the world.

Israel is the global leader in cannabis research. If you are researching for answers for you or a loved one, this is a good place to start. Without a proper understanding of the benefits of cannabis (due to unavailable research) by doctors, we need to be advocates for our own healthcare.


Recurring theme. I’m thinking if you’re an investor you may want to have a look at companies who will be developing the nonintoxicating CBD. These three letters you will be hearing a lot of. Think infused beverages, topicals, edibles – hell some even say there won’t be an aisle in the grocery store that does not have a product that is CBD ‘enriched’.

What can you do?

Cannabis legalization isn’t about being able to smoke or carry weed without breaking the law. Cannabis legalization is ending the prohibition which caused a research ban on studying the plant. Since the two cannabinoids we do know about are proven to be medically effective, imagine what we could possibly learn and solve with the others.

What can you do? Talk about cannabis – share this post, help end the stigma. Stigma is the reason we aren’t moving forward at the rate we could be. Stigma could mean the difference of survival. Let that resonate with you.

Be thankful for the end of prohibition on cannabis.