What is a Licensed Producer?

October 17, 2018 – the day that Canada lead the way on global cannabis legalization and came-out. The cannabis industry is the fastest growing and most exciting marketplace in Canada. It is also the most confusing to navigate. Learning how to use natural forms of healing like cannabis can help us to lead happier and […]

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Marijuana Laws

Legal age for cannabis use The Province of Nova Scotia has set a legal age of 19 for cannabis use, purchase, and possession. Throughout its consultation, the province heard differing views on what the legal age should be. A legal age of 19 strikes a balance between keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth, […]

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Cannabis Control Act

Source: Nova Scotia Legislature BILL NO. 108 (as introduced) 1st Session, 63rd General Assembly Nova Scotia 67 Elizabeth II, 2018   Government Bill   Cannabis Control Act   The Honourable Mark Furey Minister of Justice   An Act to Provide for the Regulation and Sale of Cannabis Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly […]

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