Weed infused pancakes

It’s Shrove Tuesday and what better way to celebrate than with some weed infused pancakes? If you’re not sure what Shrove Tuesday is – no worries, I didn’t either. But if it involves pancakes and any type of edible, I’m all in.

Apparently, it’s a Jesus thing: The story goes that many moons ago, some Jesus dude spent 40 days in a desert going without food, on purpose…. Stranger still, catholics thought it was such a great idea they should make it a tradition and call it “lent”. (personally, “bent” would seem more appropriate) On the Monday and Tuesday before lent they’d celebrate by eating everything in the house, so they could go hungry for 40 days…

“Shrove” actually means to confess. And here’s the best part… on Shrove Tuesday, a bell would ring and all the catholics would go running to church to confess their sins. I’m not sure if it’s the weedies I had for breakfast, but this mental image has me ROFL.

But let’s get to the part we can all get behind, shall we? Start your day on a high note with these pot infused pancakes.

How to make weed pancakes

If you are new to edibles – please.. start slowly and work your way up. Edibles can be very subjective and it’s best to start with a low dosage.