Where can I smoke cannabis in Nova Scotia?


The skinny? In the comfort of your own home or back yard, a rented campsite, or smoke-friendly places within your municipality.

If you rent, your landlord may amend your lease and put rules in place about cannabis smoking or growing. For more information, visit Service Nova Scotia.

Although the province already prohibited smoking in all indoor public areas and workplaces, the new rules are set to target public areas close to schools and public venues.

Violation of any of the new rules carries a fine of up to $2,000.

The province has determined there will be no smoking or vaping of cannabis or tobacco:

  • On or within 20 metres of playgrounds located in outdoor public spaces
  • On or within 20 metres of publicly owned sport and recreation venues, located in outdoor public spaces
  • On or within nine metres of public trails
  • In provincial parks and on provincial beaches, except within the boundaries of a rented campsite

The province says it will also prohibit the use of cannabis in vehicles. The province says any cannabis will have to be stored in a closed, fastened package and out of reach to anyone in the vehicle.